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Get in shape and learn
self defense with Taekwondo!

Trying to stay healthy can be stressful and feel like a chore. Our adult martial arts classes help you stay active in a way that’s actually fun and rewarding, so you can learn self-defense, lose weight, and live a more healthy life.

Better health& less stress
with taekwondo

Get in shape

Spending long hours in the gym isn’t for everyone. With Taekwondo, you can lose weight and feel great! Let’s make your fitness routine fun and rewrding, as it should be.

Reduce stress

Life can be stressful. But with taekwondo, you can have an outlet for that stress. Trust us, kicking and punching in a healthy environment does a mind and body wonders.

Learn self-defense

Will you be able to protect yourself from an attacker? Learn self defense skills with taekwondo, and have peace of mind knowing you can protect your family from danger.

Free Class

Try out a class and see for yourself!

No risk, no worries

We know it’s important to you to find the right martial arts school. So, it’s important to us that you can come try a class before you sign up.

We want you to be happy with your training.
That’s why we’re inviting you to come see the school, meet the instructor, and experience the class for yourself.

✅ More focus
✅ Better confidence
✅ Bully defense skills
✅ Improved self-discipline
✅ and more respect

Plus you get:

✅ Unlimited class attendance
✅ Full uniform included
✅ 2 free weeks of training

all when you sign up for classes!

Our Reviews

Tarrant Elite Taekwondo
Adult martial arts North Richland Hills / Keller

Jennifer Foster


I wanted to exercise, but I never knew what to do when I went to the gym. After starting taekwondo in my 30’s, I ended up loving it!

Now after 14 years of training, I can’t imagine my life without taekwondo.

Jacque Price


Mr. DeBeradinis’ Energy is contagious! I have witnessed him teaching hundreds of students over the years.

I can honestly say his masterful attention to detail mixed with his contagious energy makes him an excellent taekwondo instructor!

Move more! and sit less!

How much time do you spend sitting?

Each week, adults need 150 minutes of moderate-intensity physical activity and 2 days of muscle strengthening activity.

source: cdc.gov

  • Are you getting enough exercise each and every week?
  • Are you worried about your cardio and muscle health?

Many adults don’t get enough exercise throughout the week to stay healthy.

Martial arts classes are a great way to get in that much needed physical activity. Especially to offset all the hours spent throughout the day sitting.

We don’t just kick and punch – we break a sweat! You’ll get plenty of exercise in class with pushups, squats, situps, cardio, and more! The best part it, you’ll having fun while doing it, we promise!

Our instuctors will work with you to meet your fitness goals. We provide the motivation and the training, all you need to do is show up!

Learn skills for self-defense

Will you be able to protect yourself from an attacker? What about your family?

Martial arts is widely known for its self-defense benefits. In class, you’ll learn a wide range of strikes, kicks, and blocks.

Yes, some aspects of traditional martial arts are not always going to be effective in a fight. But at its core, you’re learning extremely effective self-defense skills.

You’ll practice sparring with a partner, testing your speed, timing, and accuracy!






And if you’re worried you’ll get hurt in class, don’t be. Safety is our #1 priority.

We practice sparring with protective gear, and with light-medium contact. This allows us to practice our skills full speed, but with control.

Hitting hard is easy.
Knowing how to hit hard only when you want to… that’s black belt level skill!

Myth: I’m too old to start martial arts

Fact: Many adult students start in their 30s, 40s, and even 50’s

Yes, it’s true: you may not move the same as you did when you were 20. But that doesn’t mean you can’t regain your fitness, flexibility, and range of motion!

That’s why we’re here! To help you move better and feel better overall. And starting martial arts, no matter what age, can have long lasting benefits for years to come.

Our instructors will work with you, at your own pace. Overcoming any obstacles in your way and meeting your training goals, together.

Fitness & Cardio

We know that heart-health is a major concern for many adults. Our classes are balanced with a mix of Taekwondo curriculum and exercise. You’ll definitely break a sweat while you’re in class, and boost your cardio in the process!

Injury prevention

Some of our adults come to us with previous injuries from years past. Not to worry, we will work with you to modify any activity that might cause undue strain. Saftey is our #1 priority!


One of our most requested training goals is improved flexibility and range of motion. Every class features a specially crafted warm up to get your body ready to train. We stretch before and after each class to both prevent injury, and build your flexibility!

4 reasons you should train with Tarrant Elite Taekwondo

1. Convenient class times

Everyone’s schedules are different, so we’ve designed our classes to give you a range of times across multiple days a week, including Saturday. That way, you can make Taekwondo fit in your life, no matter what else you have on your schedule.

2. Nationally certified instructors

Our lead instructors are nationally certified by Taekwondo America and receive years of training, so that you can make sure you’re getting nothing but the best instruction! A martial arts class is only as good as its instructor, afterall.

3. Transfer your skills

We’re a proud member of Taekwondo America, a national organization with multiple locations in the DFW area. So, if you ever move to a new city with a Taekwondo America school, you can continue your training at the same belt, like you never skipped a beat!

4. No long term contracts

We won’t lock you in for a 3-year contract like some other martial arts schools. We understand that schedules change and life is complicated. That’s why we offer month to month memberships so you can train worry free.

How to get started

Step 1. Come try out class!

Try out class, see the school, and experience the benefits of Taekwondo for yourself

Step 2. Get your uniform

Get everything you need to start training, all included for free with your membership

Step 3. Start your training

Come to class and start your taekwondo training with our certified instructors

Step 4. Grow your skills

Grow your skills and improve your fitness, focus, and so much more! To black belt and beyond!

Step 1.

Where are we Located

Tarrant Elite Taekwondo

Tarrant Elite Taekwondo
8528 Davis blvd, Suite 180
North Richland Hills, TX

8528 Davis Blvd, Suite 180

North Richland Hills, TX

Proudly serving Keller, North Richland Hills, and the surrounding community.

Within short driving distance of Colleyville, Keller, North Richland Hills, and Southlake.

Don’t be shy, come say hello! We’re in the same shopping center as Target, right next to Poolwerx and Cotton Patch Cafe!


Adult martial arts North Richland Hills / Keller

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