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We help kids develop Focus, Confidence, and Self-Discipline

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North Richland Hills, TX

Within short driving distance of Keller, Colleyville, and Southlake

Donald DeBerardinisDonald DeBerardinis
23:43 21 Sep 23
Mr. Josh DeBerardinis is dedicated to his craft and loves teaching. His energy and passion are infectious. The schools atmosphere is very welcoming . His knowledge and caring are second to none . I can't wait to come back. This is definitely a martial arts school for all !
Bobby LeeBobby Lee
03:28 26 Aug 23
If you are looking for a martial arts program, I highly recommend Josh DeBerardinis at Tarrant Elite Taekwondo.Mr. DeBeradinis is a very patient instructor and takes the time to explain and demonstrate the techniques. He is very supportive while setting a high standard for his students. Each class is action packed, and I often leave gassed! While challenging, I continue to look forward and learn something new every class.If you are looking for a great program to learn martial arts, join us at Tarrant Elite Taekwondo!
Jill GilbeyJill Gilbey
23:30 27 Jun 23
Tarrant Elite Taekwondohas played a very positive role in my son’s personal growth and development. Mr. DeBerardinis is a very gifted, caring, and challenging Taekwondo instructor.As a parent, I am grateful for the way Mr. DeBerardinis teaches respect for self and respect for others. He focuses on teaching courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self control and possess an indomitable spirit. I highly recommend Tarrant Elite Taekwondo to anyone interested in martial arts.
Sinyin LUISinyin LUI
13:49 26 Jun 23
I’ve sent my girls for the past year and they love it. Mr. de Berardinis is great with kids and set a very nurturing yet firm environnement for them to learn Taekwondo. I recommend Tarrant Elite.
Kat PerryKat Perry
13:23 26 Jun 23
Mr. DeBerardinis is so wonderful with the kids! We struggled to find the right activity for our son, but he loves going to class at Tarrant Elite Taekwondo. He clicked with Mr. DeBerardinis immediately. He is encouraging and keeps the kids engaged and working hard with a positive attitude. We have seen such a change in his confidence since starting classes there. I would recommend Tarrant Elite Taekwondo to anyone.
qiaoming liqiaoming li
04:02 23 Jun 23
The Best Taekwondo school ever! My son loves here, always nice and clean. Mr. DeBerardinis is very patient and professional. Good location and class schedule is perfect for us. Definitely recommend.


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Taekwondo teaches crucial skills for kids

Does your child struggle with any of these skills?


We help shy, timid kids with low self-esteem


We help kids learn self-control. How to be still, calm and be mindful


We help kids stay on task and become A+ students at school


We help kids learn how to be respectful and courteous to others


We teach kids how to have fun while staying active and working hard

#1 kids activity

Martial arts is the #1 activity to help kids build critical life skills

  • Develop skills like focus and impulse control for better grades at school
  • Improved listening skills for better behavior at home
  • Build more confidence and planning skills to help them become strong leaders

Children who practice martial arts are more disciplined, have better focus, and perform better in school.

Regular practice of martial arts can lead to improved cardiovascular health, increased flexibility, and better balance.

Learn Goal-Setting

They’ll learn how to make long-term goals and plan out the steps they’ll need to achieve them

Impulse Control

Taekwondo teaches self-control and midfulness. No more bad behavior from poor impulse control

Outlet for Energy

No iPads or smartphones. We exercise! We’ll get them active, building strong bodies and having fun while doing it

Is your child getting enough exercise?

We don’t just kick and punch,
we break a sweat!

Taekwondo gives your child an outlet for their energy, and some much needed time away from phones and tablets.

They’ll get plenty of exercise in class with pushups, squats, situps, cardio, and more! The best part it, they’re having fun while doing it!

We build strong minds &
strong bodies

Try a class!

See the school, meet the instructor, and experience the class for yourself

We know how important it is to find the right martial arts school for your family. You should feel at-home, in a school that you love.

So to help you out, we’re inviting you to come try a complimentary class with us!

No Risk. No Worries.
Just Taekwondo!

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Learn Self-Defense

Be confident that your child knows how to defend themselves from danger

Become Bully-Proof

They’ll develop the confidence to stand up for themselves and others without using violence

Listening Skills

We’ll teach them how to follow directions the first time they’re asked

How do I start?

Step 1: Try a Class

Experience the program first-hand with a complimentary trial class

Step 2: Enroll

Enroll in a membership and get everything you need to start your training

Step 3: Learn & Grow

Grow your skills and acheive your goals with the help of our instructors!

Does your child struggle with listening?

Do they need help with focus and self-control when in school?

Not all kids excel in a school environment right away. But that doesn’t mean we can’t help them get there!

Martial arts is a great activity for kids! It can help them improve their focus, listening skills, and self-control.

They think they’re just learning kicking and punching, but the instructors and parents know they’re learning so much more!

There’s nothing more rewarding than helping my students become their best possible selves through martial arts.

And though the journey is not always easy, they always find that it’s well worth the effort.

Josh DeBerardinis
Owner, Chief Instructor

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Is your child struggling with bullies?

We help them develop anti-bullying skills through Taekwondo

Dealing with bullies is one of those unfortunate parts of growing up.

We teach our students how to stand up for themselves against bullies, without using violence. And to not become bullies themselves.

We don’t teach them to fight bullies, but to use the confidence and skills from Taekwondo to protect themselves and others. To always do the right thing.

Fits your schedule

Classes offered 6 days a week so you can fit taekwondo training into your busy schedule.

No long term contracts

We offer monthly memberships, cancel anytime with a 30-day notice

Real martial arts

You’ll get real, effective martial arts training from our 5th degree black belt Taekwondo instructor

Can Taekwondo help kids with ADHD?

Yes! Many experts recommend martial arts for children with ADD and ADHD.

Taekwondo develops their focus and self-control, helping them at school and at home. Developing focus is actually one of the most common reasons parents sign up for kids martial arts.

If your child has ADD or ADHD, taekwondo may just be the perfect match to help them boost their focus and self-discipline.

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