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Give your child a headstart in school with Taekwondo

Parents just like you worry their preschooler won’t be well-behaved enough to start school. We offer taekwondo classes to help develop their skills to become better listeners, more focused, and get them ready for kindergarten.

Boost their confidence & focus
with Taekwondo!

Sharpen their focus

How many times do you have to repeat yourself before they listen? Taekwondo will sharpen their focus and discipline so they can become a star student in the classroom and a better listener at home.

Boost their confidence

Say goodbye to shy! They’ll have an easier time making friends and feel more sure of themselves as they boost their confidence and self-esteem through martial arts.

Keep them active

We know kids have a lot of energy. Taekwondo is a great outlet for all that energy so they aren’t running wild at school or at home. They’ll exercise their minds and bodies every time they’re in class.

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No long term commitment when you sign up

We’ve seen it time and time again, young kids lose interest in their activities, whether it’s soccer, baseball, gymnastics, or taekwondo. We get it, when you’re 4-5 years old sometimes you lose interest in things.

That’s why we offer month to month classes. If in the future they decide they’re just not into it anymore, there’s no hassel to cancel and no worries.

While we would love to see our students train with us all the way to black belt, instructor, and beyond! …that’s just not how it always goes, and that’s okay.

So, come have them try out a class! And do it with the confidence of knowing you’re not locked in for a multi-year contract if they change their mind.

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Our Reviews

Tarrant Elite Taekwondo
Preschool martial arts North Richland Hills / Keller

Shannon Burpeau


Josh is a fantastic instructor. All 4 of my kids were able to train with him for 1-4 years. Josh holds high expectations for his students and pushes them to be the very best technically.

More importantly though, Josh sees the unique value each person brings to their training and he works to help them draw from their individual strengths.

Jennifer Adkins


Amazing instructor who was very patient with my child. He treats them with respect and kindness.
He goes above and beyond to make each child the best they can be.

He instills confidence and is extremely encouraging!! Great fun to have had him as my daughters instructor.

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Keep them Active

Are they spending too much time on screens?

Preschool age kids should limit their screen time to no more than 1 hour per day.

source: cdc.gov

  • Is it hard to get your kids off their devices?
  • Are you worried they’re not getting enough physical activity?

Taekwondo is a great activity to get kids up and active!

It gives them an outlet for their energy, and some much needed time off their devices’ screens.

The CDC reccomends that children ages 3-5 limit their screen time to no more than one hour per day of quality programming.

While we can’t control what happens when they’re not in class, you can at least rest easy knowing that while they’re here, they’re getting some much needed exercise. Not to mention, practice on their focus and listening skills too!

Help them develop their
gross motor skills!

You may have heard that it’s important for young kids to work on developing their gross motor skills!

But what are gross motor skills?

Gross motor skills are movements that involve the large muschles of the arms, legs, and bodies.

Developing their gross motor skills helps kids grow in ability and do more complex skills, such as navigating a new playground environment or playing a team sport.

Kids around this age start to develop and improve on their skills like…






Martial arts can help with all of these skills!
In class they’ll practice sprinting short distances, jumping, balancing on one foot, and improving their hand/eye coordination.

The best part is, they don’t even know they’re practicing their skills. They’re just having fun!

Does your child struggle with listening?

Will they be ready to focus and listen when they start school?

Starting kindergarted is a big step! We want to help make sure they’re ready for school by giving them some extra practice here at Tarrant Elite Taekwondo.

Martial arts is a great activity for preschoolers! It can help them improve their focus, listening skills, and self-control. They get to work on their mental skills all while having a blast in class. They think they’re just learning kicking and punching, but we know they’re learning so much more!

Focus & Attention

Does your child have trouble staying focused? Martial arts can strengthen neural networks in the brain, and enable kids with ADHD to practice their self-control.

Listening Skills

How many times do you have to ask before your child follows your directions? In every class, we practice our listening skills. Working on following directions, without having to ask again.


Impulse control is a big part of martial arts! Each class they’ll practice standing still, waiting their turn, and following the instructions from the teacher, in a structured environment.

4 reasons you should train with Tarrant Elite Taekwondo

1. Convenient class times

Everyone’s schedules are different, so we’ve designed our classes to give you a range of times across multiple days a week, including Saturday. That way, you can make Taekwondo fit in your life, no matter what else you have on your schedule.

2. Nationally certified instructors

Our lead instructors are nationally certified by Taekwondo America and receive years of training, so that you can make sure you’re getting nothing but the best instruction! A martial arts class is only as good as its instructor, afterall.

3. Transfer your skills

We’re a proud member of Taekwondo America, a national organization with multiple locations in the DFW area. So, if you ever move to a new city with a Taekwondo America school, you can continue your training at the same belt, like you never skipped a beat!

4. No long term contracts

We won’t lock you in for a 3-year contract like some other martial arts schools. We understand that schedules change and life is complicated. That’s why we offer month to month memberships so you can train worry free.

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Step 4. Grow your skills

Grow your skills and improve your fitness, focus, and so much more! To black belt and beyond!

Step 1.

Where are we Located

Tarrant Elite Taekwondo

Tarrant Elite Taekwondo
8528 Davis blvd, Suite 180
North Richland Hills, TX

8528 Davis Blvd, Suite 180

North Richland Hills, TX

Proudly serving Keller, North Richland Hills, and the surrounding community.

Within short driving distance of Colleyville, Keller, North Richland Hills, and Southlake.

Don’t be shy, come say hello! We’re in the same shopping center as Target, right next to Poolwerx and Cotton Patch Cafe!


Preschool martial arts North Richland Hills / Keller

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